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Starting them young. 9/2/2006

Reader Intensecure sent me the link for a picture of his BMW R, which he owned when he was in the U.K.

He apparently has managed to spin that bike around on one of the cylinders, whilst pinning his ankle under the bike at the same time.  He is also a track fiend, like me, and I would like to, at this juncture, extend an invitation to Intensecure to meet up for coffee at the next track day.

Intensecure is currently bikeless, and the bike shops in this city have managed to give him sticker shock, much like Adrian’s reaction when he visited a couple of weeks ago.  I hope that he will get a bike of some sort soon, and I can have another riding buddy to scare shitless when we go canyon strafing.

Oz_guy does the TT. 7/1/2006

Oz_guy is someone I made my acquaintance with online. He rocked into the bike forum run by the club one morning, and posted that he was planning on visiting the country, and wanted to meet riders who owned a ride like his. His ride? Something that even for the motorcycle world was rather special. A Suzuki Katana 750 with flip up light.

He expressed a wish to meet other owners of this Japanese rarity. I used the word rarity, because in my entire riding career of 2 decades plus, I’ve only ever seen 3 of these things in real life, being ridden on the road. This machine was an extension of the original Hans Muth designed Suzuki Katana GSX1100SZ, which debuted in the Munich Motor Show in 1980. The intense interest generated by this concept machine prompted Suzuki to make it a production model, and they gave it special engine internals, to differentiate it from the standard GSX series 4 valve per cylinder engine.

The swoopy styling was ahead of its time, when riders were used to the basic light, instrument cluster, fuel tank, side covers, tail piece cum mudguard, which was standard design for motorcycles going back to the 50s. You can see the harbinger of various styling and design cues used in every motorcycle produced ever since the Katana.

So, Oz_guy rocks into town, and we meet up for a beer and fish and chips, and start trading bike stories. We are of about the same era, and he raced side cars round about the time I started taking bikes to the edge of the envelope. Mind you, he raced side cars as a passenger, which makes him even more nuts than I am, and fucking hard as nails. I make a bad car passenger at the best of times, and an even worse pillion rider. And Oz_guy went racing side cars as a passenger! The words “balls”, “steel” and “made of”, come to mind. No, we didn’t know anything about titanium in those days, aside from the fact that the Honda factory NSRs were bristling with the stuff.

After a couple of brews, which went down extremely well in yesterday’s heat and humidity, I tossed the keys to “Old School”, to Oz_guy, and we rode in to meet the troops . More bench racing ensued, and Oz_guy made friends with the club’s Friday night regulars. And we made plans for a ride the next morning, to do the TT.

No, not the Isle of Man TT. Our local version of the TT, i.e. Titi Kong. A small town located south of the city, about 80 kms away. I am not going to tell you how to get there. We try not to divulge the location of the town, because the road leading to the town is a brilliant bike road. Tight decreasing radius bends, sweepers, fast corners, straights, great scenery. A little something for everyone. So we don’t need more tourists and clueless drivers on this road, which is becoming something of an unofficial “proving ground” for the club’s newbies.

We got there early, and waited for the rest of the group. I had 3 cans of coffee in rapid succession. I needed the caffeine jolt, because I was yawning something chronic. Oz_guy and I shot the breeze for a while, and our friendship had reached that comfortable stage where you don’t really have to say much to each other. It’s a guy thing I guess. Guys can be comfortable with total silence in each other’s presence. And also taking the piss out of each other, which is a way of showing we care.

3 other riders turned up. One of them was bikerwannabe. And we shot off, to do the TT. And Oz_guy acquitted himself well. He went rushing with Old School after C. on his VFR, and that was about the last I saw of him, aside from catching up at the usual stops. The road was good today, aside from a patch being repaired, and sand and monkeys in the usual places. None of us rushed the pace. We stopped for breakfast, and more bench racing ensued.

I didn’t rush things on today’s ride. Small bike, with small engine, and squid tyres meant that when I was pushing the lean angle, as I did a few times in certain corners, she wasn’t too happy with it. Especially on right turns. As Hmax and I discussed a while ago, the tyres he put on the ZZR were to suit what he wanted to do with her, which was touring and city riding. On the other hand, my definition of touring is, shall we say, a little more “spirited”.
At the end of it all, another ride was organised for Oz_guy tomorrow, before he leaves the city tomorrow evening. And we welcome another brother to the club.

Mega Kwak. 2/22/2006

Roy passed this link on to me today. Some of you may be wondering why Roy keeps passing me links and jokes all the time, and I hardly ever post up anything I’ve found myself on the internerd. The simple reason is that Roy is a simple, humble guy, who has a lot of time on his hands, who enjoys the company of women, and also loves blowjobs. He  is a partner in his own firm, and lives in a mansion. And has 2 sports cars and a truck. And 2 classic motorcycles. Which puts him very close, but not quite, in the rich bastards league. So if any of you young ladies out there would like to show him life, and love, as it should be, drop me a line in the comments.

Moving right along, my jaw dropped when I first saw this picture.

My initial thought was that it was a photoshop jobbie, and a bloody good one.

Until I saw the link for the video. (right click and save).

This machine impressed the hell out of me. It makes Dodge’s Tomahawk look sick. 48 cylinders, 2 stroke, air cooled. The owner must have spent hours of time, and gallons of blood and sweat, getting the engineering for this monster right.

My hat’s off to this guy, and his monster creation. I’ve spent some time in my past putting together performance and race machines, but this thing takes the cake. I want one.

Full set of pictures from Mr Ashworth’s site.

Dom’s Ducati 900SS. 2/15/2006

Dom, of WPF, dropped by yesterday, and gave me the links to set of pictures of his ride, a tricked out and updated Ducati 900SS. The big brother of “old school“.

Dom’s added a monoposto seat unit in carbon fiber to the 900SS, along with a whole host of other goodies. He’s spent a lot of time and money on his machine, and with help from many friends. You can find the shopping list and Academy Award acceptance speech here.

A six pot caliper graces the front end of the bike, providing much more stopping power than the original brakes. From what I remember of the 900SS I used to ride back in the early 90s, an immediate upgrade to braided steel lines was something almost everyone did.


I remember that 900SS fondly. It was the first Italian motorcycle I ever bought, and I had to sell her because I thought I was changing countries.

A neatly installed Ohlins steering damper, billet adjustable levers, and bar end mirror. A very beautifully done-up machine, just the right thing for the run to Alice’s. Now, one of these days, I might post pictures of Dom’s other bike, which, in my opinion, is a whole lot more interesting.

Ethan’s Yamaha R-6 12/9/2005

Ethan is someone that I met over the internerd, courtesy of Shaolin Tiger. He had asked me whether I could obtain a rather rare helmet for him, an AGV Rossi replica, to go with this …


… a Yamaha R-6 Rossi Replica. This is a limited edition motorcycle, with an extremely funky paintjob. You can see the difference from the picture above, which is of the right side of the bike, and the one below, of the left side …


… which all adds up to a very eye catching sight. And what makes the bike so special? This does …


… the signature of “The Doctor”. This bike is delicious enough to eat. I want it to have my babies. Can I have a ride, Ethan?

Reader’s Bikes.

I’ve just added a new category to Hunting the Snark. It’s called “Reader’s Bikes.” As you all know, much of Hunting the Snark is devoted to one of my passions, motorcycles. And I have attracted a certain number of riders amongst my readers.

And the one thing bikers have in common is that we are proud of our rides. Hence, the starting up of a new category, where we can have a look at what we ride.

If you have a ride you’d like to show off, drop me a line in the comments. It doesn’t matter what you ride, as long as you take pride in it.