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Girl Friday. 9/7/2007


1. chewy - 9/7/2007

The lady will be in my dreams forever. She is worth more RM’s than I will ever have.
You have outdone yourself, Snark.
It is good to have you back.

2. snooki - 9/7/2007

back with a vengeance

3. EF - 9/8/2007

ooooh -))

4. killermk (mattus) - 9/8/2007

Hmmmm. As I like to say, Noice maaaaaate, noiiiice.

Schmicko, Snark.

5. girl friday fan - 9/9/2007

Omg! You rock man! This brightens my disastrous weekend a little!

6. The Snark - 9/9/2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you.

7. Dee - 9/10/2007

I’m thinking of swinging the other way from now on :D