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Obstruction. 9/3/2007

Sorry, I missed last Friday’s Girl Friday. I was really busy the week before, and Friday being a holiday, I elected to stay away from anything remotely resembling a computer. I didn’t even bother answering my phone(s).

I did go riding Sunday though, and it was a good ride, just what I needed to clear my mind. 18 bikes turned up, not bad for a ride that wasn’t announced, or planned. Just a bunch of guys showing up at the usual place, and going for a ride. Some of the riders were new to me, and I had my reservations about a couple of them, especially one who turned up on a streetfighter. He was uncertain about the bike, and wasn’t showing any grace in his bike control skills. I resolved to give him a wide berth, and pointed him out to Grant.

Grant mentioned that he hadn’t ridden in a big group in quite a while, his current riding being 90% solo, with the very occassional jaunt with me. Which is kind of the way we both prefer it, at this point in time, really. There was also something different about this ride, because the bitch seat on Bikebike was occupied. With one of the Girl Fridays.

Please note lack of proper safety gear on my part. Mainly because I had a 0530 roll out. It was a good ride, with Bikebike performing well, although Grant, following behind, had to watch out for sparks coming from the stands grounding out. I think I should stop eating so much pizza and drinking beer. Weather on the ride was good, and the sun come out enough on the return run that tyres, even the hard as rock Kendas on Bikebike, were sticking well.

Girl Friday was a little concerned that she was slowing me down, and that I would have prefered to ride solo, but it wasn’t here nor there. She’s not big enough or heavy enough to make a noticeable difference in the handling or performance of Bikebike, aside from maybe me having to rev it up a little when going uphill. Small engine, but big heart, on Bikebike, and I’m really going to miss her when she goes to her new owner.

After the run, a storm was brewing, and I had to rush back to make a lunch appointment in the towers. The wind was strong enough that Bikebike was making unexpected lane changes as I rode in between the wind shadows of the buildings. I hunkered down over the tank, to put more weight on the front wheel, and rode with a certain degree of caution.

After lunch, along with a stop to get some bedding and a search for furniture, we met up with someone’s friends for tea. After tea, we had to leave, and returned to the big diesel to discover that someone had double parked, and hemmed the diesel, and the car next to it, in. I got in the diesel, and honked. No response. I looked at the car blocking my way out, and the driver had neglected to leave a number on the dashboard, or a location. This began to piss me off.

I considered my options, since time was running out, and I had to be home at a specific time. The idiot had left the park brake on, and the gearbox in “P”. No chance of rolling it out of the way. I thought about using the brute force of the diesel to shunt the car out of the way, but the road was narrow, and even if I pushed the car out, I wouldn’t be able to make the turn. I was fuming at this point, and the driver of the car next to the diesel was also kind of pissed off, and understandably so.

I thought about breaking a window, and letting the park brake down, and the guy in the car next to mine was all bravado about getting out his baseball bat. I looked at him, and realised I’d seen his type many times before. Really brave when he’s got people on his side, but empty bluster and sitting quiet when he’s not sure if he can get away with it. In my case, I really didn’t give a shit. I was now late, and had people waiting for me at home.

And I lost it.

I kicked in the doors of the car blocking my way, and ripped off both the wing mirrors. I threw a rock in the rear window. Then I walked away to get a taxi.