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Riding Man. 8/27/2007

Someone delivered a book to me yesterday, and I shall be reviewing it in here soon(ish).

In the meantime, the reason I’ve been away was professional, personal and medical.  Work was getting in the way, with my daily grind consuming more and more of my slack time, and what little slack time I had left being eaten away with eating.  My personal affairs could be better, although they have much improved, and are continuing to improve slowly but surely.  To the point where I might actually consider thinking about perhaps possibly contemplating the nuance of a notion of a thought to buying another superbike.  No, there’s nothing wrong medically with me, except that the voices in my head have quieted down to a background murmur these days, and when they start raising the volume I can usually beat them off with the mental equivalent of a stick.

So, for those of you who came back, to find this place covered in dust, I am sorry, and can only hang my head in witnessing your disappointment.  I hope you will come back again, and I can continue to regale you with the Snark’s version of snarkitude.

I thank you for your patience.  But for now, for a while, the Snark is back.


1. dominick toscano - 8/27/2007

Snark,Don’t sweat the blog,true buds are always withyou & patience,do not feel quilty,as a matter of fact go ahead and make your self feel really godd by buying that next machine…just think what a new 1098 Ducati will do for your inner voices…theyll just scream which joy.:) later….Dom

2. Marsha M - 8/27/2007

pls take care of yourself. Last time I saw you at the Blogger’s Booze, din even have the time to say more than just ‘hi’.

glad you’re back, Snark. Never mind, people got up and down all the time wan. it’s OK, we, as your fans, understand. :-) Chin up, yo!

BTW, my blog moved liao. Got kicked out by wordpress for racially provoking blog. :-(

3. jeyadev - 8/27/2007

well… its good to see you back here. hope to see you IRL as well…

4. kimberlycun - 8/27/2007

welcome back!

5. chewy - 8/27/2007

Goddammit Snark, don’t do that! It scares the hell out of me, and I am too old to get scared. We all have demons, I know I have mine.

Now, about the missing GF’s………

6. bikerwannabe - 8/27/2007

hang in there dude. Let do lunch this week.

7. HORNY ANG MOH - 8/27/2007

Wellcum back! Its ok I do poke in here a few time a week. Oh I am most interested in superbike! I have being bikeless for the past few years!So might buy myself a bike also! Have a nice day!

8. Gallivanter - 8/27/2007

Hola muchacho! We should organize a booze-up in the coming weeks… :-)

9. Dabido(Teflon) - 8/27/2007

WB Snark. I never left. lol

10. NSDS3HvLDjJd - 8/28/2007

Hey man, welcome back. Where’s my Part 2?

11. ziniac - 8/28/2007

I have you on bookmark, and have been checking every time I went online.

Good to see an update, at least I know you’re still alive. Hahaha, take care and ride on.

12. Beaker - 8/28/2007

I must admit that it is good to see your words again Snark. There is one thing that is kinda spooky about biker blogs that I read from other places around the world - if you don’t see a post for a while you start thinking ‘are they alright/still alive’.

Back on the horse mate!!

13. Grant S. - 8/28/2007

Yeah, you need a new bike - just something small and sedate, so’s I can keep up!

14. KY - 8/28/2007


15. Vespa - 8/28/2007

Hey Snark

Been visiting your blog for a while and was a little worried you have left.

Anyway its good to see your back - check my blog out if you have time.



16. Dr. Tan - 8/28/2007

I was always here.

17. Lisa - 9/3/2007

Welcome back, Snark. Been popping my eyes in every so often and glad to see you again.

18. hurricanemax - 9/7/2007

..ok, u r alive & kickin’.