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Girl Friday. 8/10/2007

Picture courtesy of Shaolin Tiger.


1. chewy - 8/12/2007

I appreciate the Girl friday, but the mystery remains..
What happened to the Snark????

2. Vespa Motorcycle - 8/15/2007

Great blog - could you give me some pointers for my blog?

3. rkaru - 8/15/2007

Reminds me of the girl in SWALK.

4. Vespa Motorcycle - 8/16/2007

hehe she does aswell!

5. Shireen K - 8/17/2007

hrmm….. what now u have to resort to shaolin tiger for your girl fridays?

6. rkaru - 8/18/2007

Okay… where’s the panic button?

7. chewy - 8/19/2007

This is getting old.

8. killermk (mattus) - 8/22/2007

Maybe thesnark needs contributors?

Do I make sense, snark?

9. chewy - 8/23/2007

It appears we can all run a chat room, just in the comments section.
I am not sure I can come up with any Girl Fridays, though.