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Girl Friday. 7/27/2007


1. O - 7/27/2007

I requested a FAT girl friday

This girl is not even plump!


2. irondad - 7/28/2007

Well, at least you keep your priorities sort of straight. If you’re not going to write about motorcycles you at least keep the Girl Friday thing going!

3. The Snark - 7/28/2007

O : Do I have to give you everything you want? You’re some kind of princess issit?

Irondad : Sorry about the lack of content. I have several drafts half written, but life keeps getting in the way, if you know what I mean.

4. chewy - 7/28/2007

Seems to be a fixation with backs lately, not that I’m complaining.

5. Nicholas - 7/28/2007

Do i see a third consecutive Girl Friday coming on? :D

6. oyster - 7/30/2007

hey i only come here to read the articles and all i am getting is eye candy…..

7. Grant S. - 7/30/2007

@ 0 - “This girl is not even plump!”
I can see at least a one inch “love handle” where her tights are cutting her in half ;)

8. Gallivanter - 7/30/2007

Aloha Sir! :-)

9. YP - 7/31/2007

Hmm… You know the Snark’s busy when the girl fridays are back to back… and he is super duper busy (aka needs to clone himself a thousand times) when the girl fridays disappear for weeks.

10. bikerwannabe - 8/3/2007

dude, hope everything’s ok on your end….

11. Dangerous Variable - 8/3/2007

haha… at least you are still alive..

12. chewy - 8/4/2007

Hey Snark!!
You alright? bikerwannabe & I are getting worried! Had some trouble accessing the site there, too.

13. lainie - 8/5/2007

panties too tight!

14. Beaker - 8/6/2007

Mate, I couldn’t give a toss if you dont post any ramblings….I’ll keep coming back to view those gorgeous Girl Fridays (…and I wont complain either). O, if it’s lottsaflesh you want then try here… http://www.fatchicksinpartyhats.com/ or http://lingerieforfatchicks.com/ - there are lots of sites out there!!

15. HORNY ANG MOH - 8/6/2007

Hallo! To me something is better then nothing! Finally can acess ur sites. Wander what happen to u! Anyway happy that u r OK! Have a nice day!

16. YP - 8/6/2007

Talking about missing Girl Fridays…

17. O - 8/7/2007

Beaker, that really wasn’t the point.

18. Beaker - 8/7/2007

No worries O - I realise that. Just thought you might like some flubba to check out!!!!

19. O - 8/7/2007

pfft. Thanks, but I’d just have to look in the mirror :P

20. ShaolinTiger - 8/10/2007

Bitch it’s FRIDAY

21. girl friday fan - 9/2/2007

It’s kinda sad to see girl friday stopped.. Take care snark, hope you’ll be back soon