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Lagging. 7/19/2007

I’ve noticed a sudden dearth of motorcycle related posts in this blog.  For someone who is supposed to be passionate about everything motorcycle, I seem to be finding myself riding less and less these days, aside from the run to and from work.  Not even very much of that, since the diesel is my prefered weapon these days for dealing with city traffic.  Not by choice mind you.  But prefered none the less.

I really need to spend more time riding.  If only for the peace of mind that it brings me.  I’m planning a little jaunt this weekend, fingers crossed etc.  A visit to place I haven’t been to in years, on a road that’s likely to be more than a little treacherous, and ready to take the unwary rider out.  Along with 3 thousand foot drops over the side into a ravine, should you find yourself and your bike on the wrong side of understeer.

It’s going to be another small group again.  The participants will be me, Grant, and a Girl Friday.  Yes, the Girl Friday will be riding her own machine.  No, I’m not telling you where we’re going.  It’ll be this Girl Friday’s first ride in a group, so we’ll be patient with her.


1. chewy - 7/20/2007

Yup, keep an eye on her. Don’t want to spoil a good riding partner (I meant on a motorcycle).
I am finally healed enough from the broken ankle to do some easy riding (good name for a magazine, do you think?), and it feels great.

2. Grant S. - 7/20/2007

You’ll better be fucking patient with me as well, with 3000ft drops involved, and my propensity for over-shooting corners when the red mist falls. You never mentioned “treacherous” when we discussed it!
Mind you, you still only have Bike-Bike, so I reckon I can keep up LOL!! ;)
(Goes outside to check tread and pressure on Dunlops, and wonders whether parachute will fit in backpack).
Anyway, if it is GF’s first ride in a group I’ll ride shotgun, no problem. Saves me getting lost as I usually do :)

3. Grant S. - 7/20/2007


Is this too stupid for words, or am I just old and cynical?

4. chewy - 7/21/2007

Yup. Stupid.

5. thesnark - 7/21/2007

And here I was thinking Acer’s Ferrari edition laptops were a bit much. What are they going to market next? McLaren Tyre Air in a can?

6. bikerwannabe - 7/23/2007

You should get the Tumi Ducati bags… really nice…

7. thesnark - 7/23/2007

bikerwannabe : Maybe I should get a t-shirt saying “I do actually own a Ducati, and ride the tits off it. When it runs”

8. bikerwannabe - 7/24/2007

naw.. get a t shirt saying, “I own a ducati but I’d rather ride a kawasaki”….. *run for cover*…. :)

9. melvin,foong - 7/24/2007

Woo Girl Friday is ridin .. woooo ..

10. chewy - 7/25/2007

The following was on MSN. If I were to retire, are these real prices?

Malaysia’s retiree program Malaysia: My Second Home provides incentives for foreigners, particularly retirees, to live permanently in Malaysia. Successful applicants initially receive what is, in effect, a five-year visa with unlimited entry and exit privileges. There is no minimum annual residency requirement.

After the first five years, visa holders can apply for permanent residency. Though there is no guarantee it will be granted, foreigners can expect automatic renewal of their original visas providing they continue to meet the conditions.

Bottle of decent wine: $10

Coffee: 50 cents

Meal for two with wine: $40

Movie, full price: $4

Taxi from airport to downtown: $14

Doctor visit: $16

Utilities: $110

Maid: $180

Rent (Kuala Lumpur): $850

How about gas for the bike?

11. bikerwannabe - 7/25/2007


The prices quoted is rather subjective. Here’s my take on prices:

wine: IMO, decent drinkable wine starts at RM40 up. But that is up to individual taste.
Coffee: In coffee shops, a cup of local coffee will cost RM1 - 1.20. Starbuck Coffee of the day is RM5.00.
Meal for 2 with wine: A good meal at an upscale restaurant for 2 will cost at least RM100 - RM150 without wine. Wine by glass is usually RM15 upwards. Bottles at these restaurants usually starts at RM100. Typical american chain (e.g. TGIF) meal for 2 will cost RM100. BigMac meal on the other hand will cost you RM10.
Movie - RM11 (full price)
Taxi fm airport to town - RM60 - 90
Doctors visit - Around RM15 to 30 for private clinic w/o prescription
Utilities - based on family of 3, 2 story house with aircond, about RM250 a month. Will vary according to use of course
Maid - Monthly, RM400 - 600. One time fee about RM5,000.
Rent - RM3,000 will get you a nice 3room condo in a upscale neighbourhood.
Gas is RM1.92 per litre.

Hope it helps… (snark - sorry for the long post..)

12. dominick toscano - 7/25/2007

I myself find that I am in my suv & truck more than on the machines,yet all I do is think about what im missing ,or is that what my real passion is “Ducatis”.I sometimes find myself looking at the machines the way art crtics view art or sculptures ,some I crticise ,sothers I dont .In the end all machines are meant for use ,the sound,the thrill ,the suge ,the fullfillment,the cxompanioship with others ,what ever their ride ,fills a void in all of us passioate about our sport,go for it Snark .The cards are cool ,for any Ducatitisti,Im sure theyll sell rather well.Prices are subjective, passion spends money more times then not, and all logic is trashed,for instance my 1993 Ducati SS 900 is at somewhere in the neighborhood of 23k US dollars,& more is planned with her..thats passion ……later…Dom

13. chewy - 7/25/2007

Lets see…. at 3.4 ringgits per U.S. dollar…….

I’m on my way!


14. gfri - 7/25/2007

My tshirt of choice? “I ride a motorcycle but prefer the Snark’s big black ride anytime”

15. Grant S. - 7/26/2007

My tshirt of choice? “I ride a motorcycle but prefer the Snark’s big black ride anytime”

Only because you didn’t get to meet my Flying Banana ;)

My T-shirt of choice: “I’m a slow rider”

16. thesnark - 7/26/2007

Grant : HEY! That’s my line. And I am a slow rider. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

17. bikerwannabe - 7/26/2007

Chewy: hah hah… cool. See you here then!

Snark: Sure, I believe you….

18. jonsey - 8/8/2007

anyone know where I can get tank rubbers for a Rudge? (side not seals)

ta very much,