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Lagging. 7/19/2007

I’ve noticed a sudden dearth of motorcycle related posts in this blog.  For someone who is supposed to be passionate about everything motorcycle, I seem to be finding myself riding less and less these days, aside from the run to and from work.  Not even very much of that, since the diesel is my prefered weapon these days for dealing with city traffic.  Not by choice mind you.  But prefered none the less.

I really need to spend more time riding.  If only for the peace of mind that it brings me.  I’m planning a little jaunt this weekend, fingers crossed etc.  A visit to place I haven’t been to in years, on a road that’s likely to be more than a little treacherous, and ready to take the unwary rider out.  Along with 3 thousand foot drops over the side into a ravine, should you find yourself and your bike on the wrong side of understeer.

It’s going to be another small group again.  The participants will be me, Grant, and a Girl Friday.  Yes, the Girl Friday will be riding her own machine.  No, I’m not telling you where we’re going.  It’ll be this Girl Friday’s first ride in a group, so we’ll be patient with her.