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On the carpet. 7/10/2007

We were walking down the street after lunch, sometime last week, when something in a store window caught our eye. It was a shop selling Turkish carpets, and on display was a rug, shaped like a snail. A shop assistant came out, and asked if we were interested in buying carpets. I pointed to the rug, and asked how much it was. He looked at us, and said, “$100″. I turned to someone to get their opinion and it was agreed we should get the rug.

We walked into the shop, and asked if they had any other rugs of the same type to show, and the shop guy said he did. He spoke to his colleague, and more rugs were brought out for our perusal. Someone asked,

“How much if we buy two?”

The second shop assistant, who had brought out the rugs, replied,

“$100 for two.”

We looked and each other, turned to the second shop guy, and simultaneously said “done.”

The first shop assistant, who had spoken to us outside the carpet shop, suddenly let loose a string of Turkish at his colleague, possibly along the lines of,

“I told them it was $100 each you fuckhead. Now, look what you’ve done!”

The second guy looked a little sheepish, and was about to say something when someone pointed her finger upwards and said, “You said it, $100 for two, no turning back.”

First and second shop guys looked in her face, and wisely decided not to argue. They shrugged their shoulders, laughed at each other, and said, “OK. OK.”

We looked at each other again and laughed, and bought 3 rugs.