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Masters of the Universe. 2/21/2007

I just came back from lunch in the towers.  After much deliberation, walking around, looking the queues waiting for a table at various restaurants, we decided to have lunch in the Thai restaurant at the top floor of the mall.  We walked in, and were shown to our table.

As I was sitting down, I noticed that there was someone already at the table.  A cockroach.  Not a small one either.  I paid it no mind, as the cockroach was kind enough to go under the table, to allow us to have our lunch.  We sat down and proceeded to order our lunches.  I asked for a pineapple fried rice, which came fairly quickly.  As the waiter put the plate down, I noticed that my fried rice came with an extra.  Another cockroach.  Smaller than the one that was at the table earlier, but definitely related.  I motioned the waiter over, and pointed out this cockroach.

The waiter quickly apologised, and took the dish away.  He came back and apologised again, and said the kitchen would be making a fresh order for me.  I nodded my head, knowing full well all the chef was going to do was to put the fried rice in another half pineapple, and probably spit in it for extra flavour before sending it back out to me.

My re-order came.  The waiter put it down on the table in front of me.  I thanked him, and picked up my cutlery, to start eating.  The fried rice, with prawns and pineapple, looked good.  It smelled nice.

And then as I dug in with my spoon, I saw it.

Another cockroach.