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Grumpus. 2/20/2007

No smokes at all today.  Feeling more than a little grumpy and cranky.  Caffeine without the nicotine isn’t the same.  Trying to stay busy, and keep my hands occupied, but I can really feel the craving.

This had better be fucking worth it.


1. landymagma7 - 2/20/2007

It is. Stick it out, man.

2. chewy - 2/20/2007

Get used to it. The craving will last a week or two, then settle down. Just think how much longer you will be able to ride,, not having lung cancer.

Hang in there. Let the lady know you will be out of sorts for a bit, and that you are doing it for her.

3. Dabido(Teflon) - 2/20/2007

I live without nicotine and caffine [and seldom alcohol]. It’s not too bad. :-)

4. ShaolinTiger - 2/21/2007

Keep it up bro, I’m with you in spirit.

Coffee is bad, having a drink is worse..

I avoided alcohol completely for about 2-3 months when I first quit.

5. Grant (Intensecure) - 2/21/2007

” Men born between 1900 and 1930, who smoked only cigarettes and continued smoking throughout their lives, died on average about 10 years younger than lifelong non-smokers. Those who gave up at age 60, 50, 40 or 30 years gained, respectively, about three, six, nine or 10 years of life expectancy. The probability of dying in middle age (35 to 69) for smokers born in the Twenties was 43 per cent, compared with 15 per cent for non-smokers. Cessation at age 50 halved the risk of contracting lung cancer, and stopping at 30 avoided almost all of it.”

You might get nine more years, mate. Get to see the kids graduate. Yes, it’s worth it. :)

6. IB - 2/28/2007

Take up knitting. Or Crotchet.

Or I could come over and electrocute you everytime you try to light up.