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Girl Friday. 4/28/2006

Ahhhh-Choooo!!! 4/27/2006

I seem to have picked up some sort of bug.  My nose is running, my head feels like it’s in a different area of gravity from my body, my hands and feet have no strength, and my bones ache.

Acute common coryza, as Dr Liew would put it.

There was a time when getting the flu wouldn’t be the crisis that it is now, for me.  I could shrug off things like this in 24 hours.  It’s different now.  Infections linger for days.  My nose has been leaking brain fluid for the last 48 hours, with seemingly no end in sight.

And it wasn’t so funny this morning when I sneezed inside my helmet, and promptly cut my visibility down to zero with snot decorating the inside of my visor.

A matter of fuel. 4/23/2006

A few posts ago, I wrote about having 4 bikes at home, and none of them being able to start.

On the day, which was a bright sunny Sunday, I was supposed to have gone for a ride, to honour Franco.  Franco passed away 2 years ago, whilst riding in Thailand.  And it has become a tradition for the club I ride with to visit his grave on a Sunday, nearest to the anniversary of his death.  So I really had to go for this ride, since, according to Finno, I was the only person who knew exactly where Franco was resting in the cemetary.

I decided to take the ZZR-250, because of the fact that we would be riding in a convoy, and having a light motorcycle that didn’t overheat at slow speeds would be a plus.  I started her up…and she didn’t want to.  The battery was a little weak, and wouldn’t pump out enough juice to crank her over.  So I pulled my gear on anyway, and did a racing start.  And she did start.  And she started, so I shot off.  As I approached the traffic lights just outside on the main road, she spluttered and died.  I thought it might have been her wanting the reserve tank, so I switched the petcock over, and thumbed the starter.  And she refused to start.  She would crank, but not fire.

Since I was on the top of a steep hill, I thought I would roll her down, and bump her into gear.  Which is what I did.  As we rolled down the hill, I matched the road speed with the gears, and let the clutch out.  And she simply spluttered until I ran out of momentum. I cursed and sweared at this.

I called ES, and he said he would come and pick me up.  After a while, he turned up, and we pushed the bike over to his shop, which was nearby.  He looked at the bike, and popped open the fuel cap, and looked at the almost full fuel tank.  He thumbed the starter, which was a little weak by now.  He scratched his head a moment, and asked me if I parked the bike outside last night.  I said yes, and he asked one of his boys to pull the tank and fairings off.

When the bodywork came off the ZZR, he called me over, and showed me the cause of my trouble.  A fuel filter which didn’t contain fuel at all, but was full of rainwater.

Girl Friday. 4/21/2006

Back to back.

It’s been a long time with minimal updates, as you may, or may not have noticed. To those of you readers who only log in for the Girl Fridays, you ain’t missing much, since you don’t bother reading any of the posts anyway.

For the few of you who do actually take an interest in what I post, things have been a little hectic of late. Work keeps getting in the way of my personal time, with me having to work on the previous weekend. And I’ll be doing so again this weekend. Basically involving lifts, and the safety thereof. No, I’m not talking about those boxes in buildings that move up and down with people in them, and various perverts with cams hidden in their shopping bags and inset into the tops of their sneakers. I am refering to moving very large items in wooden crates, with weights measured in tonnes.

One of the items in question was large, and heavy. So heavy that the Civil Engineering consultant asked that the floor beneath be propped when the item was being moved within the building. I almost choked on my coffee when I heard this. So during the next logistics meeting, we traded verbal resumes and project references. And he asked for my help for this particular case. I asked what he was being so anxious about, and he replied that he had never designed a building floor to take a point load measured in tonnes per square inch. I almost laughed at this, when I realised that not too long ago, that could have easily been me sitting across the table, worrying about whether my calculations were sufficient. So I took the trouble to lead him through the entire movement step by step, and we laid to rest his fears by redoing the load calcs.

For the information of JoMel, I am NOT a civil engineer.

So lots of time was consumed with work, hence the lack of posts. Needless to say, the lifts and movements proceeded smoothly, aside from the slight hiccough of the mobile crane operator bringing the inspection certificate for a completely different machine. I naturally halted the lift, until the correct certificate was produced. When the correct cert finally arrived, the lifting began, and I retired to a quiet corner for a roll-up. The 3 walkie-talkies on my belt were bleating incessantly. So I gave up the whole idea of sneaking away, and re-joined the party.

Just in time to see a pick-up being driven under the crane boom, while the lift was going on. To say I went ballistic would have been putting it mildly. The driver of the pick-up got torn a new arsehole, courtesy of me, and the site safety officer confiscated his pass, rendering him without work for the day. Which is a big deal when you’re paid on a daily basis.

And Viceice can be disappointed, because the Girl Fridays won’t be back to back.

Girl Friday. 4/14/2006

Damn and Blast. 4/10/2006

Just had a really crappy weekend.  I have a dead laptop, which didn’t like a lightning strike happening 10 meters away from it.  No, you may not ask why I was using my laptop during a severe lightning storm, and why the strike was only 10 meters away.

The other thing is that many of you know I have several bikes at home.  “The collection”, as it is beginning to be refered to.  A couple of them have 6 figure price tags.  One of them is unobtanium of the highest order.  And none of them can start.  At least, none of them wanted to this weekend .  And I really needed to ride.

Please excuse me if I’m a little grumpy.

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