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Red lunch. 11/30/2005

I got a message on my phone today, from this guy. He said he had a gift for me, which I would like very much. I was wondering what it was, and was in Lord Coleman’s car heading out for lunch when I called him. He said that he would meet me up for lunch, since he was in the area, and told me the thing he had for me was red. I said that if it was red, it must be a used tampon. He laughed at this, and said he would see me in fifteen.

He duly turned up, and we sat down for a teppanyaki meal. And he plonked a red shopping bag in front of me. Which contained this…

Thanks bro. It’ll be added to the large collection of Ducati Corse collectibles I have.


I’m sure you’ve noticed, especially to the dismay of the Girl Friday regulars, that my photobucket account has managed to exceed its bandwidth limit. I’m in the process of transferring everything over to huntingthesnark.net proper, and setting up directories and stuff. The internerd is like molasses when you’re on dial-up, and have to transfer a shitload of files. I shall endeavour to bring services back to normal as soon as possible.

Floating Dragon. 11/29/2005

I took this picture last night, standing on the balcony. No tripod.

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Skyline 11/28/2005

Due to my rather unfortunate experience last week on the Buayabike, I was forced to drive into work for a few days. A left arm in a sling, a frozen knee, whiplash, and sprained right thumb all meant that I was gulping down painkillers like M&Ms and trying not to laugh too loudly. But sitting in a car allowed me to relax for a change, and day dream. It was fun sitting there, up above the rest of the traffic in the truck, looking around at the antics of the cars and drivers around me.

And at least I didn’t have to contend with helmet hair, or a grimy face, or homocidial car drivers pulling out, and the other thousand and one hazards a motorcycle commuter faces daily. I had time to listen to the stereo, in air conditioned comfort. And also pull out the SLR for random pictures in and around my drive.

One of the pictures I took was this,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a shot of the city skyline. It was a wonderfully clear day, and the sun was shining brightly. There was no smog or haze to be seen, and visibility would have been measured in tens of kilometers.

The Snark does Stockholm.

There is a rather weird situation here at this particular facility I’m working on at the moment. The initial company hired by the client to perform the work on the medical equipment was summarily dismissed about a year ago. This resulted in negotiations being opened with the company I currently work with to continue where our predecessor left off. Unfortunately, and much to dismay of those of us being actually based on site, it took them a year before names started being put down on the dotted line, which resulted in us coming in a year late. This, in and of itself, isn’t necessarily the end of the world, but the main contractor responsible for construction said, in no uncertain terms, that holding the completion of certain rooms where major items of equipment are supposed to be installed, would result in a delay to the completion of the project which they would not be responsible for.

Certain items of equipment, notably imaging and sterilisation, have to be installed before the room is completed, i.e., the machine is assembled and installed, and the room built around it. This is not the case here, where we have a completed building, complete with services, fittings, furnishing and floors, and we are expected to install the equipment, and then bring everything back to as new condition. No big deal you think? Some of these machines weigh as much as a large pick-up truck, and are about the same weight to boot. They are not something you bring in on a trolley, that’s for sure. And there is the actual problem of gaining access to the rooms where some of these machines are supposed to be installed.

Many of the double doors on site are only 1800 mm wide. My problem is that there is a machine that is 2220 mm wide that has to be installed in C.S.S.D. At the request of the Head of Consultants, I made up a template of the machine, to determine, in real time, whether the machine could actually traverse all the corridors, and fit through the various openings, to get into the wash area in C.S.S.D. So I went down to the carpentry workshop, and got the carpenter to make me up a wooden box in the exact dimensions of this machine. I then carried the box over to the outside of the building, to determine the best route we could take. And my problem started there. The biggest door I could find was only 1800 mm wide, which meant that the machine couldn’t even enter the building, let alone get inside the building corridors.

So I sent a message to the HoC, and left the problem in his hands. And I thought nothing more of it. I didn’t care that the machine didn’t fit. I didn’t want to make it my problem in any way, shape or form. Until I got a return phone call from the HoC. He said he wanted me to fly out to the manufacturer’s facility, in Stockholm , Sweden, and meet with their engineers. The objective would have been to determine if there was a way the machine could be dismantled, or partially disassembled, to allow it to fit into the building openings. I swore like a drunken sailor when I heard this.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, the decision is still pending. Hence I don’t know if I’m supposed to be packing, or not. I’m leaving it till the very last minute. Simply because it’s fucking snowing in Europe at the moment, and the only reason I’m being sent there is because the HoC isn’t keen on going there himself. If this had been Sweden in summer he would have been the first person on the plane.

Girl Friday. 11/25/2005

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7 years… 11/23/2005

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…bad luck.

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