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Fourteen days. 10/31/2005

I’m on holiday. Finally, after long last, the leave is approved, the air tickets are booked, the hotel rooms are reserved, I’ve dusted off the the golf bag and scuba gear, and I’m going on holiday. I’ll be away for fourteen days, looking to recharge the batteries, and work on my c.v. The c.v. is going to be very high on the to-do list, because if things go the way I want, I’ll be heading back for a semblance of my previous lifestyle of jet setting and globe trotting.

The previous Saturday was quite entertaining, with us being invited to Mack’s place for a small get together. Paul should have told me he was coming so that I could give him his birthday present, but I guess Mack neglected to pass the guest list around. Also, Shaolin Tiger, Suanie, Fireangel and another unidentified person had a close encounter with the “Eyes of God”. Which means that I ran the truck straight up to Shaolin Tiger’s car door, with all lights blazing. About 500 watts of power in total I think. I may have burned his retinas out.