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Girl Friday. 10/28/2005

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Roy’s Jokes.

My good mate, whom I have mentioned in this blog on more than one occassion, is a very old friend of mine. We first met online, in IRC, on the oz.org server, in 1997. Over the years, we mainly kept in touch through various chat programs, with MSN Messenger being the current weapon of choice.

We have never met face to face, in spite of several invitations back and forth over the years to come visit. We did manage to speak, using Skype, recently, just before he took off to Hawaii for a holiday. And over the years, Roy sends me jokes on a fairly regular basis. Some of them are olf favourites, some are new, and some make me laugh out loud, spewing coffee all over my laptop screen.

And thus, this is the beginning of a semi-regular series, of jokes which Roy sends me. You will probably have seen the jokes elsewhere before, usually in your e-mail. But I will be only posting jokes that Roy sends me. Because he’s a good friend who tries to cheer me up whenever I’m down.

Please note that the jokes are usually very off-colour, and definitely not meant for younger readers.