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The Corkscrew. 10/18/2005

Perhaps the most frightening corner in the world, on any racetrack, is the Corkscrew in Laguna Seca. Coming off a very fast section of track, you will face a blind left hander, which isn’t so bad in and of itself. The problem is it drops away very quickly, into a right side corner. Try to imagine a left-right chicane, as you would find on any racetrack in the world. Now take that chicane, and plant it on a 40 degree slope. Like a roller-coaster. And there you have the very famous Corkscrew, the bane of racers and suspension engineers alike.

I know of no other set of corners in the world where you can load, and unload, your suspension in the space of half a second. You brake hard for the left hander, putting positive G on yourself. You enter the corner and realise it’s dropping away to the right. You flip the bike, and feel yourself lightening up with negative G as you come over the top, and then fall into the right hander.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Picture taken at Laguna Seca, 2005

Very difficult, very technical, and a great vantage point to see racers perfect their craft.


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Wet Asphalt.

This gentleman visited Hunting the Snark a while ago, and I’ve been perusing his work. He rides a bike on daily basis in Seattle, I think. His posts are a mix of traffic incidents, usually fatal, involving motorcyclists, his encounters with cagers, the things he observes in and around his daily commute.

For those of my readers who have no interest in motorcycles, stay away. It’ll put you to sleep faster than an overdose of diazepam. For the riders among my readers, please do drop by. I think we can learn something from this guy’s experience.