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Jerked around. 10/13/2005

Following on from my post yesterday, where I received some momentous news. Momentous indeed. K. and Lord Coleman walked into my office, and K. said that the client does not want any equipment delivered this year. My first reaction to that was,

“How are we going to meet the deadline for the soft launch?”

“Don’t know. That’s what the client decided at board level.”

So I asked if anyone in the company had forwarded an immediate application for a deadline extension, citing the above reason. And Lord Coleman shrugged his shoulders, saying that the management wanted to play a wait and see game.

These idiots are…idiots. They constantly firefight, that being their preferred management style. They bounce from crisis to crisis, never ever learning, never ever not repeating mistakes. They have no stated corporate policy for the local office, no procedures, no company handbook. Everything is taken ad hoc, case-by-case, by-the-day, as-it-arises. How the hell can you run a company like that?

A good case in hand is the maintenance for the previous facility I was working at. The project ended with the handover of the building to the client, and issuance of the C.P.C. And the 2 year maintenance/warranty period, which is written into the contract documents, was supposed to have been given to the sister company, where I was originally employed. And this has not came to pass. I was speaking to Smiffy yesterday, from his hospital bed, where he told me that no contract has been signed, in spite of him sending several e-mails and memos back and forth between site and HQ.

The ultimate video game.

Think about getting on the bike. Adjusting your position. Reaching for the handlebars. Pressing the starter button. Feeling the engine rumble into life between your legs.

You look up, focusing into infinity. You flip the visor down, and pull in the clutch. You rocket off, hitting 160 km/h in just about the same time it takes you to get to the end of this sentence.

You feel the tyres on the road, the suspension working, the wind blasting over you. And you know that everything is right in your world.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Picture taken at Misano, Italy, 2003.

Welcome to the ultimate video game, where everything is real.