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Running into an Angel. 10/12/2005

I was in a sports bar in a certain suburb over run with yuppies and wanna-bes when I noticed this very sexy flash of underwear sticking out of a pair of lowrider jeans playing pool at a table. I was paying more attention to this then the comments of Lord Coleman. We were talking about the current situation here on site, which will actually have to be put in another post, mainly because it concerns work, or a sudden lack thereof. I sat back, and lit a roll up, when the vision of loveliness in the lowriders stood up, and started spouting a stream of profanities at me.

I was rather taken aback at this, because I recognised this person, whom I know fairly well, in a psychological sort of way. And she recognised me, which didn’t stop her from raining even more profanities on my head, in 4 different languages, waving the pool cue menacingly under my nose. Which was a feat, because she’s about 6 inches shorter than I am, and the pool cue was as tall as she was. It was FireAngel, in all her impish smiled glory. Lord Coleman was wondering what the fuck was going on, when I introduced them, and invited her to sit down.

She gave me a heart felt, “Fuck you. Not until you put that cigarette out first.”, which I did, in the interests of not having my testicles wrapped around my throat, and slowly suffocating while being whacked around the head and nether regions by FireAngel’s pool cue. She sat down, and gulped down half my G&T, which she promptly spat out. “That stuff is for girls and overweight women. Get me a Vodka Ribena slave.”

After the arrival of a round of drinks, Fireangel started telling me about her turn at being guest blogger on another ‘femes’ local blog. She had thought long and hard about what to put up, without revealing too much about herself, and asked my opinion. I asked if she had a draft of what she was thinking about posting, and she showed me. And I laughed loud and long. The post was absolutely typical of the girl. Loud, profane and giggle inducing.

We started discussing, amongst other things, the recent FA Day orgy, and she said there were some things she wanted to have cleared up. She was rather upset that all the publicity might be put her in a rather negative light. Which was the case, in some forums and blogs in the blogosphere. And thus she was rather vociferous in wanting the blogging world to know what happened and why. Plus the way she brandished that cue stick to emphasise every. single. point., made me nod my head. Lord Coleman, in and amidst all this was wondering what was going on. All he could see was this small slip of a girl intimidating me.

And thus, in her own words, FireAngel, who no longer blogs, but managed to stamp her mark on the local blogosphere all the same.