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Six and half a dozen. 6/29/2005

The fiasco last weekend of the Formula One race in the Brickyard left a sour taste in my mouth. Yes, the tyre manufacturer has an obligation to ensure the safety of the cars and drivers in the teams that they supply. But couldn’t the FIA issue an exception ruling for the weekend? And allowed the other tyre manufacturer the same exception to the rule?

It all made for bad PR, and I have a strong feeling that F1 is dead is the U.S. It took ages before they managed to make in roads in the States, where NASCAR is the ruling autosport of the day. And now this. Bernie Ecclestone, who’s company was paid millions of dollars for the privilege of allowing Indianapolis Speedway to host the U.S. round, has a lot to answer for.

More shaving. 6/27/2005

I got an e-mail from my brother Bill, who works in law enforcement in the United States. In the e-mail, he detailed an accident he had recently, which left him with 4 cracked ribs, and a semi collapsed lung with fluid in it. The bike was a total write off, insurance wise. He’s ok, and back at work.

But I am now beginning to have the screaming heebie jeebies. Yes, I’m afraid. I’ve lost many friends, and mates, and buddies, and brothers across my twenty some years of riding. I’m beginning to be gun shy about getting on a bike. Coupled with a new addition to my reponsibilities, I don’t know how much longer I can indulge in a high risk hobby. Yes, I know that in a previous post, I said that riding is as safe as you make it, but road riding has too many variables in it. I have to face the fact that I can no longer look fear in the eyes.

Earlier this year, I mentioned to 2 friends that I was thinking of giving up riding. They refrained from comment, mainly because they knew that it was just pessimistic talk from me, and that I would get back into the saddle and continue to burn rubber and terrorise people waiting at bus stops. But Khalid’s passing has shaken me up, a lot. More than it should. It has been preying on me, and sitting on the back of my mind. I have to face my own mortality, and Khalid’s death drove it home.

And in case anyone wants to know, I haven’t been on anything with 2 wheels since I posted about Khalid’s death.

Move ‘em out.

I just rocked into the office this morning, and was informed that we are required to attend a lunch today. Since the new project was signed last week, we’re expecting our new work assignments and what nots. It is a relief, because I can now get the fuck out of Dodge. I’ve started handing over my outstanding work for this site to the others. I have never been so happy to wash my hands of a project before.

Have you been on holiday then?

I received word that my leave for July has been approved (please see previous post). I’ll be gone for 3 weeks, minimum. Which means that Hunting the Snark will be updated only sporadically, if at all. I really need this holiday, for several reasons, all of them personal. It has been at least 5 years since I last had a proper holiday. Long weekends, and other incidentals don’t count.

So be brave, be strong, be patient. I’ll be back. But you may rest assured the Girl Fridays will continue to make their appearance.

R.I.P. Capt. Khalid. 6/26/2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Picture by Capt. Nik Huzlan.


I was riding back to home this morning, when I had the closest of close shaves.

A bus had stopped in the slow lane, occupying the lane I need to take the left hand turn off to get home. Like an idiot, I swung left to get around the bus, before I remembered that, 1.) buses stop at bus stops, and 2.) they do that to let passengers off and on. And sure enough, just as I swung around the left hand side of the bus, there was an old lady carrying her morning shopping just about to get off. No problems there, I just needed to get further left to avoid her.

What really made my eyes bug out and my sphincter clench in fear was the fact that this bus had stopped in the slow lane because there was another bus was occupying the bus stop proper. And there were people busy getting on and off this bus. I was rapidly running out of options. I could try slipping in between the buses, but the gap was no where near big enough, and I’d probably collect the old lady’s shopping with me as I went past. I could brake like buggery, but probably pile into the back of the bus. So I gassed it with the clutch pulled in, to generate as much noise as I could. I whizzed past people, weaving wilder than a machine loom on meth. I heard screams, and shouts, and curses, and people dropping shopping and briefcases and scrambling out of the way.

And I made it through. A very close shave indeed.


I walked into the KFC the other night, with the intention of buying dinner. I bought a kid’s meal of nuggets and a toy, and 3 pieces of poultry on a plate for myself. The bill came up to $20. I paid the bill, walked out, drove home.

As I sat down for dinner, with a book open in front of me, I flipped open the box, and dug in. And pulled out a drumstick that was so fucking small, it was practically invisible. I could slip the whole thing into my mouth, and just vacuum the flesh off. It wasn’t filling, at all.

Looks like inflation has hit everything. You pay more, and get less. Very much less.

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