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The light. 8/18/2004

Here’s a candle. Let us be illuminated. Let us be bright. But most of all, let us have light.

My thanks, my thanks. To the ranks. Be it known, to the bitter end. You will always be my friend.

And now, we begin. With a somewhat cheesy grin.

The All Seeing Eye. 8/16/2004

I’m back on the internerd again. Sort of. We’re using a gateway connected to a dial up modem, and it’s being shared between 20 some users. You can imagine what the download speed is like. I was even more mortified to learn that several users are running P2P sharing software. The bandwidth available must be measured in single bytes, probably. Some people are just too fucking stupid to understand that just because they wish to download music, porn and images for their fucking cell phones, that others are inconvenienced by their selfishness.

I had a chat, and when I say chat, I mean that I was barely restraining my temper, with one of the culprits. I didn’t mention to him that I had taken a surreptitious look at his program list, as well as sifting through his cache and history. I have enough evidence on him to get him fired. Which is an ace card I’m saving for a rainy day. This fuck is not an engineer, or even qualified in any one particular thing. He’s told me that he has experience in radiology and is a qualified radiation tech, but after a year of working with this guy and his fucking attitude, I’ve discovered that his knowledge of anything in particular is very shallow. But he goes around telling people how things should be done in a very arrogant manner.

Anyway, after talking to him, his attitude was, “What the hell do I care?” I sighed, and just walked away. Some people just don’t get it.

I’ve also noticed that there are people on the internet whom I’ve met recently who have this “I know it all” attitude. Thinking of that, I remember something I read on the notice board of the Royal Selangor Flying Club many years ago. The notice said, “New pilots who think they know it all, are an irritation to those who do.” Some of us, in my circle of friends, have been on the internet in one form or another for the past 10 to 12 years. Think about that figure for a minute. When you were running around in your school uniform, with your pubic hair barely beginning to show, we were running around being BBS bandits, running telnet and winsock and addressing machines on a hardware level. We ran phreaks and hacks that you can only do in your dreams. Writing a sub-routine in BASIC to address a driver incompatability problem was easier for us than picking up the phone and ordering a pizza. A little humility goes a long way, especially when talking to dinosaurs like us. We opened up the initial frontiers of what you now know as the Internet. We’ve probably forgotten a lot about computers anyway. But we’ve forgotten more than you’ll ever learn.


We had our regular meeting yesterday, in the auditorium. A fortnight ago, one of the Datuks had the bright idea of holding the meeting in the auditorium, and it was generally agreed to do so. So we all trooped into the auditorium yesterday, and it was hot as hell. There was no air-conditioning, so the meeting was conducted under stifling conditions, with everyone sweating like stuck pigs.

During the course of the meeting, it was decided on a firm completion date for this hell hole of a project. Everyone was still giving excuses and pointing fingers and blame storming and what-not. I found it sad. My opinion is that everyone has lost track of what this project is really about, and most of them are only interested in completion bonuses and getting their sorry arses off site. I wasn’t worried about a completion bonus because 1.) I was on secondment, and 2.) I wasn’t getting any.

It was in my interest to try and do the best and most professional job I could, but somehow events conspire against it. Slip shod work, putting things off into the warranty period, hide it away under the floor, in the wall, up in the ceiling, seems to be the order of the day. I watched some electricians hook up down lights today, and noticed that they were just splicing wires and taping them together. Definite recipe for a short circuit when the tape drys out and falls off. What ever happened to proper conduits and connecter blocks as called for in the Electrical Brief?

I sat there, in the auditorium, with sweat rolling down my face. The Datuk was giving everyone a bollocking for not having a sense of urgency with regards to the project completion. And people were just sitting there nodding their heads, no one saying anything to object about the ridiculous completion date, or giving reasons as to why there was no way that date could be met. Everyone was afraid of this man, because he had a title, and was sitting on the project board.

Whatever happened to professionalism? So what if this guy has a title? Does that mean you have to kow-tow to him? To his each and every request? I’ve always believed in calling a spade, a spade, and whenever he has asked me a question, I’ve always answered truthfully, and to the best of my knowledge and experience. If it’s news he doesn’t want to hear, so be it. I’m not going to varnish things to put a smile on his face.

* Datuk - Title given by the Federal or State governments, equivalent to a British ‘Sir’. Thanks to Paul for the title.


Well, it’s sort of back. Along with some posts taken from the 2 previous incarnations of the blog. I apologise for the interruption in service. I understand some of you were rather upset that I disappeared from the blogging world for a while. It isn’t easy finding a new doghouse. You may notice some differences this time around, I’ll leave it up to you to find out what they are. Lainie will be pleased to note that the Girl Friday is still around, and will continue to be around until someone bounces on me for copyright issues. Updates will be sporadic, to say the least. The project has moved into a critical phase, and more and more of my time, including weekends, are being spent kicking arse and taking names.


Lightning Strike.

We managed to get hit by lightning last week. By we, I mean this shithole of a portacabin that I have to call an office. The modem died, but more disastrously, the server went tits up. We now have no access to the database, which is essential for our daily work. Those of us on laptops can at least dial direct to the internerd using the built-in modems. But trying to access a server located in the city from a dial-up connection sucks. To all intents and purposes, the server might as well be on the dark side of the moon, for all the good it’s going to do us.

Smiffy made a call to ask when the server was going to be up, and the Sysadmin answered that he was in Hong Kong and would be back next Monday. Whoop-de-fucking-do. Might as well not come in to work.


Been busy with work of late. Somehow, the Project Director seems to think I’m spending too much time behind my desk. So he’s tasked me to do something really really horrible. He wants me to mark the floors for the equipment layouts. I mean, like why can’t the relevant consultant concerned with the area/equipment do it? It’s not like they’re terribly overworked. One of them, G., comes in at 10 a.m. every day. Every single working day. And ostensibly goes home at 6:30, to make up the hours. One day I stayed late myself, to see what he actually got up to. All I saw him do was chat on the phone in his mother tongue to fuck knows who. It wasn’t like he was doing any productive or real work.

When he was questioned about it, he had to cheek to ask the PD whether the PD wanted his presence or the quality of his work. Oi! Twattie. You call yourself a consultant, at least have the fucking decency to be a professional and observe the posted working hours. To top it off, he has no qualifications, except for a technical certificate issued by the Navy, and he has the fucking cheek to try and tell me what should be done in my area of specialisation. When that happened, I did something I haven’t done before. I brought the certificate showing my professional membership in the body concerned and pinned it up on the wall behind me.

I usually hate showing off these kind of things. I did it to obtain a professional certification and standing, and to provide myself with some personal satisfaction, that I could actually qualify to join an elite group of professionals. But because of this cunt, everyone thinks that I’m showing off. Well, maybe I am, but at least no one tries to second guess me or my observations and findings anymore.

Girl Friday.

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