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Normal services shall resume shortly. 3/31/2004

It has now been 24 hours since this blog has gone on an unexplained hiatus. A check with a friend in Cyber Success has revealed that NTT and TM are at some sort of loggerheads with regard to links and server access between the 2. And thus the lack of access to certain websites, notably those located in America.

You would think, with the millions that have been spent on IT infrastructure in this country, that a simple thing like server links would have been sorted out. My friend tells me that the Japanese in NTT and the locals in TM have been in meetings since Monday trying to pin the blame on each other. Blame storming sessions. The uneradicatable disease of the corporate world.

I currently work in a site environment, where no one ever wants to take responsibility for anything, lest it come back and bite them in the ass. The project managers from the various consultants never want to speak out in meetings, except to point fingers at the other managers, and no one will ever stand up and say, Company So-and-so will do it and absorb the cost.

Recently there was a major fuck up with a pool. The pool was designed as a rectangle, and had 4 viewing windows recessed into one wall. The construction contractor said that they would lay the pool, if we would provide the window frames and position them in the formwork of the wall before the concrete was poured to form the wall.

The frames were duly installed, and the concrete poured. This was 5 months ago. About a month ago, after the pool was drained after completion of the leakage test and in preparation for tiling, someone noticed that the wall with the frames was convex…to the tune of 40mm. Total immediate panic. And blame storming and finger pointing in full force. No, CBA (the company I work for) screwed up the frame mounting. No, way, TBF fucked up the formwork. This went back and forth for 2 weeks, resulting in CBA contacting the manufacturer of the frames to determine the best remedy. This remedy was submitted to the main contractor, AB40T Inc. Who accepted the remedy, and then proceeded to do something completely different. And railroaded the manufacturer into accepting the remedial work.

At which point CBA’s Project manager said, AB40T can go fuck themselves, we will not be held responsible for what AB40T have done. But CBA’s other project manager writes..writes!..in black and white..a letter stating that CBA had no objections to AB40T’s solution and agree to the work carried out. Which now raised the issue of who had liability, since the work was carried out by AB40T, but the frames were supplied by CBA. And the 2 CBA project managers are now not talking to each other. And sit at opposite ends of the table during meetings, being extremely polite to each other. In a saccahrine sweet manner.

It’s a matter of months before the end of the project and we disperse and go our seperate ways, so one of them has only a very short time to find the opportunity to push the other into a pool of quick setting concrete.


CBA - Complete Bloody Arseholes
TBF - Total Bloody Fuckwits
AB40T - Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves Inc.

Here comes the rain again. 3/25/2004

I’m sitting here in the office, at the end of a long day, listening to the rain beat down on the windows. I have just realised that I now have to go back home through the rain. Not a prospect I’m looking forward to.

Back in the days when I used to ride motorcycles very fast, my track mates used to call me the ‘the King of Rain’, a takeoff of the Police song ‘King of Pain’. I was known amongst a certain brotherhood of racers as someone who was very smooth and had good throttle and braking control in wet conditions. This experience has served me well throughout my life, enabling me to know the limits of the vehicle I’m in and how to control it under less than ideal conditions.

Which should be taught to all drivers. Whenever it rains, the entire city turns into a massive parking lot, with frayed tempers and fender benders everywhere you look. I don’t advocate speeding, especially not to people who shouldn;t have been given a driving license in the first place, but how many times have you seen someone crawling in the fast lane, perched on the edge of their seat, peering through the window trying to see where they’re going?

Basic maintenance of your vehicle helps. If the wipers are good, the brakes are serviced, the tyres are checked, you will be able to drive with confidence.

Also, whenever some drivers come to a corner, wet or dry, they will slow down practically to a stop before negotiating a turn. There is no necessity to do so if you are at the posted speed limit, because the road is designed for a car to safely negotiate the turn at that speed. But I have seen a young lady, in a matchbox on wheels, come to a halt, change gears and then gingerly tiptoe through the corner. Your car will not flip over and crash in a heap of flames you daft cow!

There are times when I despair over the driving habits being practised locally. No lane discipline, no courtesy, no checking to see if it’s safe before changing lanes. The usual attitude is, I’ve got my turn signal on, so I’m going to turn. There was once in a traffic jam, when another driver took this course of action. Not a smart thing to do when I was coming down the lane next to her in 2.5 tons of 4WD. I promptly smashed into her front wing. When she got out of her car to look at the damage, she tried to blame the accident on me saying that she had her turn signal on. I smiled when the policeman taking her report explained to her that just because she had her turn signal on, didn’t mean she had right of way.